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What customers are saying

Lubo’s is the kind of shop that we all wish for. The entire staff is expert at what they do. They explain what they have found and what your options are, and their rates are fair. Sounds so simple, but it has been their winning formula for decades.
Michael H.

These guys have the goods. They know BMWs inside and out. They have integrity above and beyond and if there is any doubt they err on the side of the customer. It is a family business and they’ve built their business on a foundation of value added service.
Tim K.

Lubos is the truth. He saved me thousands of $’s on my classic Bimmer. He spent hours and hours on my car to get the smog specs right and my car never ran as well as it did but when he finished – it ran spectacularly! Lubo WILL NOT let you down.
Patrick C.

I have been taking my BMWs to Lubo’s since the factory warranties expired. Lubo is an honest man and I believe he really wants to help his clients get the best service and deal or repairs that he can. Rod, the main mechanic is fantastic and will explain things and help educate you on the issue. Very happy to have Lubo in the area.
Chip D.

Wouldn’t take my car anywhere else!
Joanna N.

Lubo’s replaced a smog sensor on my car two years ago. Then my car just stopped running on Sunday. I had it towed to Lubo’s and he called me back and made sure the car had arrived safely and was secure. He was responsive and helpful. Real personal service. All of the charges have been reasonable for the work done. Thanks Lubo – you are awesome.
Cathy V.

Lubo is super friendly and his showroom has some intriguing treasures. He gave me a list of repairs for my 2000 Z3 2.3, while taking care of what I’d asked to be done. If you are a DIYer, he will take the time to point you in the right direction.
Dave M.

Lubo is the man and this place is awesome. It is very hard to find a reputable mechanic you can actually trust with your vehicle but Lubo is just that. I bought a 328d from a dealership in San Jose and it tripped a check engine light 5 minutes into my drive home. I called Lubo after doing some research and I could tell just by the conversation I can trust him. After it was all said and done, Lubo’s communication was great and he was very patient with dealing with me and the dealership. He fixed my car and it’s been great since.
Robert G.

I have been to many auto repair shops. Lubo is the BEST. My first visit was on Feb. 16 , 2018. My BMW 530i had an ABS light issue. From the young lady at the front desk to the owner I received the best service. Professional, extreme knowledge of service. They explained to me in detail my problem. Again, LUBO’s BMW service is the BEST.
William C.

When you are an owner of a BMW you understand that what’s under the hood is just as important as what’s on top of it. Lubo’s was a fantastic find. They make you feel comfortable about all the work done to your vehicle as well has keeping your best interest in mind. European cars become expensive to maintain, so understanding all of the details you may need and the cost of the work upfront is important. This has been my one and only place I have trusted for my BMW for the last 5 years! If you’re looking for a place that will handle your car as if it was theirs.. you’ve got to give Lubo’s a try. One last thing. He is a very personable guy! Treats you like family. If you’re in need of BMW services. Lubo’s should be your first stop!
Dexter A.

Very reasonable and certainly very fair with great service, Lubo is always straight up and doesn’t BS you like most do especially because you drive a BMW. His work and time is way better than the Dealer all day long, It’s worth a little wait because the work is always done right and the sense of security is what everyone needs. Lubo is the best and certainly will always be right and on point to fix your BMW. Thank You Lubo.
Wes B.

Lubo really is the best, I’ve been taking my car to him for about 10 years now and he’s always been fair and upfront with me. I would highly recommend Lubo’s to anyone who needs to repair their car.
Steve K.

BMW – Best Mechanic Working on beemers. Period. We’ve been taking our beemer’s for servicing to Lubo’s for over 16 years. Lubo is consistently reliable and returning our vehicles on-time, repaired, clean, and appropriately charged – Well under what dealer’s charge. Ha! He is BMW certified – can’t beat that!

I have been a customer of Lubo’s since 2001. Lubo and his staff are the best! The mechanics know everything there is to know about BMWs. They are skillful and – importantly, in a business where consumers are often ripped off – highly ethical. The customer service is friendly and efficient, too. I have recommended Lubo’s to numerous friends and colleagues and will continue to do so!

I take my BMW here all the way from the Bay Area to get my BMW serviced by Lubo.  He’s a great guy, and the shop does superb work. If you look at the shop it’s clean and organized which is always a great sign.
Michael M.

I’ve been going to Lubo’s for work on my car since 2000 I think… and I have to agree with a prior reviewer that he’s the best and most honest car mechanic I’ve ever had. I’ve had all kinds of weird issues over the years with my cars, and it’s comforting to know that his shop is around. When I first took my car to Lubo, I only had one BMW. I confidently purchased my 2nd BMW knowing that he’s here to support it.
Len B.
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