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Independent BMW and MINI Service

You don’t have to travel to Europe to see a BMW museum.

We not only service BMWs, we have a few in our collection.

When you love BMWs, you really would love to have more than one. Lubo knows which ones are the keepers and has restored and preserved many over the years. He loves to share them with his customers and has a rotating stock of autos and motorcycles on display in the lobby of the shop. Sometimes he sells them to make room for a new one. “It’s a good feeling to see them back on the road, but I usually regret letting them go.”

In addition to full size Beamers, he’s got scores of miniatures that he’s purchased or people have given to him, plus a lot of other Bavarian memorabilia in his “authentic” BMW display cases. “Once people see that you’ve got a lot of something, they give you more and all of a sudden you’re a collector!”

BMW Motorcycles with Sidecars

Lubo has not one, but two beautiful examples of BMW 2-cylinder 500cc motorcycles with matching sidecars: one a World War II machine from 1945 and the other from 1960. He also has two other motorcycles on display: a 1960 R27 and a 1975 R-75/6.

1976 BMW 2002

This is Lubo’s first BMW. The BMW 2002 made its debut in 1968. Lubo bought this 1976 2002 when it was new and has kept it in immaculate condition ever since. It looks like it did on the showroom floor and if you open the door, it even still has that new car smell!

1957 BMW Isetta 300

The Isetta caused a sensation when it was introduced in 1953. Only 7.5 ft long by 4.5 ft and egg-shaped with a 1-cylinder motorcycle engine—the entire front end of the car hinges outwards to allow entry. The steering wheel and instrument panel swing out with the single door.

Lubo on TV from 1996

In 1996 Lubo was featured in a news segment called “The America Dream” on Sacramento’s KCRA TV. He talks about growing up in Yugoslavia and coming to the United States—the “Land of Opportunity”.

Lubo was in the army where he learned to be a mechanic. He worked for other BMW shops in Sacramento before opening his own shop. Many years of hard work have paid off for Lubo. He has since found time to take vacations!

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