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some of our many extremely satisfied customers

As long time Lubo's customers we could not be more pleased with the expertise, service and value. Even our most well-traveled BMW, with over 350,000 miles on the original engine, drives like a dream. On a scale of 1 to 10, Lubo's is a 12.

Gene & Jean Ogrod

In spring of 2001 I moved to Sacramento, and had to go about looking for a new automotive shop to maintain the pair of BMWs I owned. After living for 25 years in the City of San Francisco, I thought, “Where am I going to find the quality of work that I was use to, in Sacramento”? I made contact with the local BMWCCA chapter President and sought her advice, and noted that I wanted a shop that only worked on BMWs. She asked me which shop I had taken my cars to in San Francisco, I told her and her comment to me was, “Well if you are use to that level of service, then you’ll want to go to Lubo’s Bavarian Motors”.

As anyone knows, maintenance of a car is extremely important if you want no surprises, this is especially true for a BMW. Taking Pat’s advice I went to Lubo’s, and what stands out immediately is how extensively clean and well organized the mechanic’s bay is. The waiting area is the same, which is part living room and mini car/motorcycle museum. Lubo himself is not just the owner, but a real BMW enthusiast (especially the 635CSI).

Another element that becomes evident is that the staff at Lubo’s has been with him for a long time, which is a good sign. It tells me that lubo and his staff work very well with one another, which has lead to the consistency of the level of service and professionalism that is Lubo’s Bavarian Motors. The core mechanics, Rade, Alfredo and Rod have all worked on my cars. I don’t favor one over the other, because each have extensive knowledge and experience and all have done outstanding work no matter what degree of difficulty the repair.

In my almost 10 year association with Lubo’s, the level of the service that I’ve received has been superior. These are a bunch of guys that love what they do and deliver the goods on all levels of service. I would, without hesitation or reservation, recommend Lubo’s Bavarian Motors to any BMW owner and enthusiast.

Richard Riis

It's been a long-standing love affair with our BMW's. 15 years and counting (Two 1983 320i's, '84 325is, '86 325es, '89 325es, '95 525, '97 540i, '95 530i, 2000 528is, 2001 X5 . . . and currently shopping for a new X5).

Lubo and his team of professional BMW mechanics have serviced each of our BMW cars for the past 15 years. It is because of the personalized & efficient service we receive that we continue to have our beemer's serviced and repaired at Lubo's. Lubo and his staff are highly trained and experienced BMW mechanics; they are honest and reputable. We value their professional opinions - especially before purchasing a new BMW.

We would not consider going anywhere else to have our cars serviced or repaired. Lubo's is a one-stop shop for our BMW maintenance needs! Our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Lubo and his team for maintaining our cars and keeping us safe and on the road in our beautiful BMW's.

I unequivocally recommend Lubo's for all of your BMW auto needs.

Jacqueline Gallegos

Lubo's Bavarian Motors has serviced my BMW since it first opened at Elvas and F Streets.  I first became acquainted with Lubo when he was head mechanic at Niello.  When Lubo ventured out on his own, my business followed.  Lubo's Bavarian Motors has serviced my various BMW's for the past 30 plus years.  I have found his shop to be professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.  Rates are competitive as well.
Lillian Fulton
BMW 2000 323it

Lubo, it's been 25 years since I first met you and Lubos's Bavarian Motors. I had bought a 1982 633 CSI from Niello, and was disappointed with the service I received from them from the start. You were exactly what I was looking for, personal service and quality at a fair price. Over the years you have taken excellent care of our 633, 535, M5, and X-3. Your expert care has kept these BMW's in show room condition and in perfect running order. A BMW is a substantial investment, and with the care you provide, they can provide a lifetime of reliable service. Your standard's of excellence in customer care has been appreciated over the years. More importantly, I consider you and your staff as personal friends.

Dan Walker

If your interested in BMW service go to Lubos Barvarian Motors. I have been a customer for over 20 years and Lubo and the mechanics have given me excellent service on all three of my BMWs. My first BMW was a 1988 528e, and it is still running thanks to them. My second car was a 2002 BMW that we had for years for my daughter and my present 2004 Z4 BMW that I have currently. They have always gone to great lengths to take very good care of my cars and get them serviced as fast as possible. They are a very honest family business that cares about the BMWS and your saftey. They always let you know what needs to be replaced next, so you can plan ahead and let you know what needs immediate attention now for your safety. I always appreciate there honesty. Your in good hands at Lubo's Barvarian Motors.                                                                               

Joyce Moore
BMW Z4 2002

I have been a customer of Lubo’s BMW Repair Shop for more than 27 years.
Lubo’s personnel have been very helpful and prompt with their repair services on my 540i, 528i, and 2002 BMW cars.
In my opinion, Lubo’s shop rates are the most reasonable in the Sacramento region. With my experience doing business, I can only highly recommend them as a full spectrum BMW repair shop. I give Lubo’s a 5 star rating.

Rodney A. Lane

In 2006 our family moved away from Sacramento to the Napa Valley. With that said, there has never been any consideration for us to find another shop to “Baby our Beamers”. The peace of mind LUBO’S BAVARIAN MOTORS provides us far outweighs the inconvenience of this distance. In total, our relationship with Lubo's spans over twenty years and 3 well maintained Beamers. He and his experienced team have always put safety first and backed that up with personalized customer service. We know this service and his friendship is something very unique that we will continue to hold onto. We often tell others that we will always own a BMW. A large part of that statement comes from the confidence of having a great mechanic who understands the relationship between these awesome machines and their owners. Twenty years later, our relationship with Lubo’s is as well maintained as are our Beamers.
Thanks Lubo and his team!

The Marshalls
'91 325ix 254,000 miles
'99 540i 120,00 miles

My first BMW was a ‘69, 1600 coupe. It was dove grey with dark blue interior. It had Michelin X radial tires when the only tire Michelin made was the X. No one had even heard of radial tires in 1969. The car did not come with a radio; it didn’t even have a place in the dash for a radio to be installed. BMW didn’t believe in listening to music or talk because it distracted from the pleasure of driving their cars.

Lubo maintained that car for me when he first started planning his own BMW service facility. He worked on my vehicle and a few others belonging to customers of Niello BMW where he worked at the time. He conducted his early business from the garage of his own home. His work was “perfecto”. It was always done correctly the first time, and on time. I remember standing around in the garage around 10:30 at night speaking with him while he did his work. We had fun. I can also remember after all these years how well he cleaned up the garage after he completed his work. He would hose down the driveway, the sidewalk and the gutter all the way to the sewer drain, and then sweep the sidewalks afterwards so that they looked immaculate. He keeps his current shop today the same way he kept his garage and neighborhood 40 years ago. There may other good BMW shops around, but no one does it bet ter than Lubo does!

I have had at least one BMW every day of my life since the day I got the 1600, in which incidentally I shut down a Vette on Arden Way many years ago before most people had ever heard of BMW. I don’t have the 1600 now. I sold it to Lubo. But I do have an ‘88 M6 that Lubo has taken care of since I first got it. And I also have a ‘05 740i, and a ’07 M6 drop top. Lubo takes care of all of our BMWs. When many auto repair facilities don’t enjoy a good reputation, Lubo enjoys and richly deserves an outstanding reputation for providing good work, honest prices, enthusiastic customer support and warranty repair. But most important to me is that I can say that Lubo is my friend and buddy.

Mark. L. Tillman
Tillman & Associates

I found Lubo about the time I bought my first BMW. Since then--a surprising 20 years ago--as my various Beamers have gone from newly-minted to vintage, Lubo’s been keeping them in top shape. Accurate diagnostics, flexible turn around times, and very personable staff --no sullen service writers in Lubo’s immaculate shop--have kept me coming back. As long as they’re making BMWs, Lubo’s will be my choice for servicing them.

Bruce Whitelam, architect

I've been a customer of Lubo's Bavarian Motors now for about 10 years< and have always received stellar service. Finding an honest and reliable mechanic for your beamer is no easy task, and I couldn't feel more fortunate to find Lubo's. With extremely knowledgeable staff, clean facilities, and a willingness to find a way to make things work with my budget, Lubo's is always my first recommendation to other BMW drivers. I don't drive BMW's simply because they are great machines, but also for the ease of mind that Lubo's Bavarian Motors is there if you have a problem with them.

Len Bautista

I would just like to give my highest endorsement to you and your staff. I have had the great fortune of utilizing your establishment for over 15 years. All workmanship has been completed in a timely manner and without any problems. I have no regrets in using your expertise to fix any problem from a door locking system, to a complete engine rebuild. In todays world, it is nice to know there are places like yours that one can count on to deliver what is promised. I give you the highest accolades possible. Congratulations.

Craig Parker

Since 1990, Lubo has provided outstanding service, above and beyond the call of duty. From 1990 until 2009, Lubo serviced my 1982 320i classic coup, which I drove with 260,000 miles on it, until it was "totaled" by a careless driver. Once that happened in 2009, Lubo sold me a "newer" classic, a 1994 535i, which he continues to service. Twenty years, two old model BMW's, no complaints!!!

Matthew Goldman

Lubo is da man! He's the best and most honest car mechanic I've ever had. He helped me get my 1988 325i back together after it was "totalled" when someone ran into me. That was 6 years ago and the car is still running strong after 200,000 miles.
As long as Lubo's is around, I'll always drive a Beamer.

Dane Henas

I took my BMW to the dealer because it was running very rough and stalling. They had it for a week and said it needed a $3000 computer. They also said they wouldn't guarantee that would solve the problem. I didn't like this vague answer, so I took the car to Lubo's BMW. They found the problem within a few hours of dropping it off. They said the problem was a water leak from a hose that was dripping into a sensor. They said it would cost less then $300 and guaranteed it would be fixed. Sure enough, the car ran like new after they fixed the leak and put in a new sensor. They get my vote for knowing what they are doing!


I took my BMW 540/e39 to the dealer with a transmission shifting problem. It would intermittently downshift very hard when I went around a turn. The car only has 69000 miles but I was told I needed a new $6000 transmission. I decided to get a second opinion and went to a shop a coworker recommended. When I went to Lubo's, they were much more friendly then I was used to and looked at my car while I waited. After about an hour, the owner himself showed me the filter inside the transmission. It was completely plugged with sludge. They cleaned everything out and changed the oil. We went out for a test drive and it shifted perfect. I can't believe that I almost paid $6000 for something that ended up costing $329. Thank you Lubo.


I am one of Lubo's daughters and am proud to say that I have grown up with this shop. Ever since I was little I was involved, my father (Lubo) used to set me on his desk while working and gave me little jobs such as putting away spark plugs and such to keep me entertained. I loved going to work with my father, little did I know I would be working at the front desk in no time. I have been working at Lubo's Bavarian Motors for almost four years now and love it! Lubo has built up his business into a loyal and prestigious shop. I have extreme confidence in the work that is done on each and every car and love seeing customers leave happy. Being Lubo's daughter of course requires driving a BMW, and I couldn't be happier. My father always told me that he only felt comfortable that I was safe on the road only if I behind the wheel of a BMW. I have had my BMW for quite some time now and am very pleased with the condition its in thanks to the mechanics here at the shop. Especially for having a older model it runs like brand new and I know that's because it has been taken care of by Lubo's. Here at Lubo's we enjoy making sure that each customer is satisfied with our service, as well as always making sure that we answer any questions that the customer may have regarding their vehicle. I am very proud of what my father (Lubo) has created for this business and I am grateful to know that I am apart of the staff that is known for honest service, thorough and detailed work, competitive prices, and great customer service.

Juliana Ljubisavljevic
Lubo's Daughter

Growing up as Lubo’s daughter, I saw my father literally build his BMW business. As a child, I helped him assemble shelves that now hold thousands of BMW parts. I have witnessed, first-hand, the dedication and tenacity that my father possesses to successfully maintain his BMW repair shop. He takes pride in knowing that he has “one of the cleanest shops around.” I have heard customers remark, “the floors of the shop are so clean that you could eat off of them.” He strives to treat his customers with the utmost respect and care while providing quality BMW service at an affordable price. Having seen the high caliber of service that Lubo’s provides, I decided to purchase a BMW. I have owned two BMW’s over the course of 10 years, and I would not trust anyone else but Lubo’s to service my BMW’s. If you are looking for honest, reliable, stellar service for your BMW, then call Lubo’s and Baby Your Beamer! I did, and you should too!

Ann Marie Van Note
Lubo’s daughter

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