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My name is Lubo and I am the owner of Lubo's Bavarian Motors.
I finished technical school in Europe in 1967. I was working as a master technician in a very nice service center. My dream was to come to America and open my own service center. In 1971, my dream came true. When I first arrived, I worked for a small European shop in downtown Sacramento. A year later I left to work for Hans Auto Service, the first BMW dealership in Sacramento. In 1973 Hans sent me to specialize on the new BMW models at Hofman Motors BMW School in Marina Del Ray, Los Angeles. In the early days, Hofman Motors was the West Coast's main BMW distributor for America. I finished with honors and received my diploma as a BMW certified technician. I worked at Hans Auto Service for two years when they closed the business. A new BMW dealer, Niello BMW, was opened in 1975 and I worked for them for eight years. I have received advanced training for BMWs many times and the experience that I've had with the brand is tremendous! I left Niello in 1983 to open my own independent service center, exclusively for BMWs.

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Our BMW independent service is the largest in the Sacramento area with a beautiful show room displaying old BMWs. Our large, immaculate service facility enables us to perform all services and repairs except body work and painting. If you need these services, we will advise you about the best vendors in town. We have very comfortable accommodations with a large TV screen and WI-FI for your convenience.

Our building is over 11,000 square feet, featuring the latest tools, clean service bays and highly trained mechanics

  • We can diagnose any problem on any model, old or new.
  • We can program control units and all other BMW equipment.
  • For new BMW models, the tools we use are state-of-the-art, including the GT-1 BMW tester.
  • In addition to 26 years of BMW specialty, we service MINIs as well.
  • I have extensively trained my technicians and they have been with me for all of these years. Together, we have served a great many extremely satisfied customers.
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I thank you for your business and promise that I will do anything to make sure that you are satisfied with our service!
I guarantee it.

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